First Visit

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THE MINT Kids Approach

The MINT Kids approach.
We recommend a child’s first dental visit be scheduled by his/her 1st birthday. The younger and more often you bring your child the more comfortable they will be each successive visit. Our dentists and staff will review the practices you can start now with your child to maintain healthy teeth for life.

We know how to calm down an anxious child so we can usually complete a comprehensive exam at this visit.
We urge you not to be apprehensive around your child beforehand as they can pick up on your feelings. Please avoid fear-inducing words such as “drill”, “shot” or “pain.”

How are appointments scheduled?
Very easy. Just call Dallas Metro (218) 821-6468 or Houston Metro (713) 692-6468 and say you want to schedule a MINT Kids appointment. Figure one hour and thirty minutes for a first visit. Because we reserve that time for you, please give us a 48 hour cancelation notice.

How are Appointments Scheduled?

Do I Stay With My Child During the Visit?

Do I stay with my child during the visit?
We encourage your participation during the exam, especially if you are calm, as that can ease your child’s fears. But we know from experience it’s best you leave during actual treatment as there is only so much room in the ops and if you get anxious the child will instantly pick that up. But doctors will review every aspect of treatment before they begin and you approve.

What about finances?
As do all MINT offices, we strive to keep the costs down on fabulous dental care as well not pass along the costs for using the very best materials. If you have PPO dental insurance, there is no deductible for basic cleaning, exams and if necessary X-rays. If you don’t have PPO dental, you can enroll in the MINT discount plan which free x-rays, exams and cleaning plus substantially lower costs on all MINT treatments. We also offer Care Credit where you secure low monthly payments. Visit for more information.

What About Finances?


Sedation dentistry
MINT Kids uses sedation dentistry – with the approval of parents – if the child is anxious, afraid or crying. We recommend you do your best to calm your child before their appointment as well as limit food and liquid intake decreasing the chance of nausea.
Unlike many kids dentist, MINT only uses two types of sedation, nitrous oxide (laughing gas) or oral sedation. We absolutely do not recommend any dentist use IV sedation as that poses huge risks.

Nitrous oxide is our preferred method for children. A mask is placed over their face and after five minutes kids experience a feeling of euphoria and relaxation, maybe even a little sleepiness. At the end of the procedure, pure oxygen is given to clear out the nitrous within seconds.
Oral sedation is given by mouth or through the nose as soon as your child arrives, because it takes about twenty minutes for it to kick in. Typically it won’t put your child to sleep but just give them a feeling of deep relaxation.