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We recommend resin tooth colored filling materials to restore small to medium sized cavities on primary teeth and in children who are considered low to moderate risk for cavities. Resin fillings are a conservative, very esthetic treatment option. While most resins hold up over the life span of the baby tooth, it is possible for resins to fail by fracturing or to form more cavities around the margins of the filling.

Stainless steel crowns are the gold standard in treating cavities. We install them on large cavities or when the nerve of the tooth is threatened and in children that are at high risk for having more cavities in the future. They are impenetrable by food and bacteria, plus provide integrity and strength to the compromised tooth, while not as pretty as a composite filling, they are the best option for reducing the risk of further treatment. And they fall out with the baby tooth.

When the bacteria in the cavity of a baby tooth has reached the nerve, we treat it with a procedure known as a pulpotomy. Known as a baby root canal, a pulpotomy removes the diseased pulp tissue within the crown portion of the tooth. A disinfecting agent to calm the remaining nerve tissue is then placed in the tooth, followed by a stainless steel crown. The purpose is to maintain the vitality of the affected tooth until it naturally falls out.

When a child loses a tooth prematurely, we need preserve that space until the permanent tooth arrives. We accomplish that with a custom-made space maintainer that is either cemented or not in the mouth depending on the age of the child. This is the most proven, most effective way of keeping that space open.



We don’t do them, because they don’t work. Dentists love sealants because they are fantastically profitable. They’ll convince you that you should get your kid sealants because they prevent cavities. But it’s just smoke and mirrors. They don’t. When we first opened our doors we used the highest quality sealants but quite a number of kids developed cavities anyway. Instead of wasting your money on sealants, just make sure your kids don’t drink too many Cokes or Gatorade. And teach them to brush after every meal.